Safe House – Tacoma Docks warehouse

Warehouse with garage and car repair shop including living quarters

Tacoma docks

Monthly pay

Price pr. month all inclusive: 6150 ¥


Comforts & Necessities level: 2[3]

Security level: 2[3]

Neighborhood level: 2[3]




The Middle lifestyle offers a nice house or condo with lots of comforts. Characters with this lifestyle sometimes eat nutrisoy as well as higher priced natural food, but at least the autocook has a full suite of flavor faucets. This is the lifestyle of ordinary successful wage-earners or criminals.

Monthly Nuyen Cost: 5000 ¥


Neighborhood zone D

Response time law enforcement: (zone 2) D 1D6 x 12 minutes

You can find these zones in the area between industrial and residential districts where the exposure to pollution is a little better than those who live right next to the smoke-churning factories. Or at least, that’s what the residents will tell you. Patrols come through this area, only because it’s inconvenient to go around. D zones can include run-down business district, abandoned warehouses, forgotten tenements, landfills, freeway junctions, old cemeteries, and large parking lots.



The place has a workshop, garage, office, studio, or other kind of large area that can hold a specialized workspace of some kind. Specialized equipment can be set up “just the way you like it” so tasks can be accomplished quickly and easily. Skill checks relevant to the setting have their Limit increased by 2 when performed in this space.

Monthly Nuyen Cost: 1000 ¥



A garage is a large covered area with enough space to park and maintain a single vehicle. With the purchase of a Shop (p. 443, SR5) related to the vehicle, 1 box of damage to the vehicle can be repaired per week without additional financial cost, as the cost is absorbed by the lifestyle. Purchasing a Facility increases the repair rate to 2 boxes of damage. Use the Build and Repair rules for quicker repairs (p.145, SR5, and p. 143, Run & Gun). This asset can be purchased more than once so that multiple vehicles can be serviced at the same time.

Monthly Nuyen Cost: 100¥



Nobody “downloads” or “records” their favorite song or movie any more. It’s all based on subscriptions and purchases within the Matrix and stored virtually on a grid. Commlinks and home entertainment systems connect you wirelessly to everything from photos you’ve taken to corporate-sponsored lines of entertainment that you can watch whenever you want. Without a grid subscription, you might as well have a throwback commlink with an antique external storage device, as the public grid only has trid shows from like two seasons ago.

Monthly Nuyen Cost: 50¥



You have a SOTA set of kitchen devices. Soy, krill, and mycoprotein are architecturally “printed” into  something that looks and tastes like close to the real thing. Reduce the potential environmental damage tied to Comforts & Necessities due to food allergies by 1.

Monthly Nuyen Cost: 20¥



Security is the category that describes what personal security you have on your residence. The details depend on what the player and gamemaster decide is appropriate, from manual locks to payments to the neighborhood street gang. Players may have access to well-programmed drones or may benefit from the security on the Yakuza gambling den next door. The ratings depict how easy—or difficult—it is to get access to your residence and your stuff. In game terms, the rating of the security level is the threshold for any tests against your security.

Your apartment building’s security keeps out unwanted visitors and casual thieves. Determined thieves will have to work to  get access to your place. Locks and in-home security are above average. Your neighbors are likely to notice any suspicious characters or loud noises and call security. Your Matrix system has an average firewall and will at least monitor itself for intrusions.

Device Rating: 4

Professional Rating:4

Security on premises

Biometric maglock with anti-tamper technology on all the doors; embedded wireless alarm, smoke, and fire detection system on all windows and doors; main building doors have functional maglocks; 4 guns (assault rifles) concealed on every corner of building, Rating 6 agent (Drax), motion detectors outside building.Smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are standard in all rooms. Automated simulation of operational status by faking money transfers and truck pick ups of goods every 14 days.

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