NPC: Professor Lydell Washington

lydell-washingtonProfessor Seattle University, Draco Foundation freelancer

Human, Hermeneutic mage

Connection: 6 (upper class) other 4

Loyalty: 2 towards Matt

Specialties: Magical artifacts, Magical research, Rituals, Magic history, enchantment, demon lore

Professor Lydell Washington has a tendency to lecture with a slight arrogance and often picks on the weak students. He assumes everyone is as well-read as he is, and is surprised when they aren’t. Nervous around gangers and other people who does not follow etiquette. Has a tendency to mutter “OH MY” when gunplay or other unfamiliar things occurs. Washington is a 3rd generation academic with a huge father complex and has a famous academic quote for every occasion. He is married to Mary who used to be his secretary. Now she does a little charity work or sits at home drinking a too much champagne. The couple never had children – some say Washington could not bear if the child was not gifted and therefore never wanted to take the chance.

Dr. Washington hosts a Sunday Morning roundtable discussion trideo show that takes place at Seattle University. Its called “Mana Roundtable” and is like “The McLaughlin Group” (or Inside the Actors Studio). The two regular guests are a Tir Elf named Dr. Periphyn Tendershoot, and an ancient Sioux Chief Eagle Shaman named Sees Through Water. Every episode is always topical and timely about a specific magical concept. Last show was about magic and how it can help the poor but only very gifted move up in society.

Dr. Washington is loosely acquainted with Draco Foundation and has been the founding father of the collaboration agreement between Draco and Seattle University magic department. 10 years ago Washington was accused of stealing magical objects from the university, but the charges was dropped due to lack of evidence. He sued the top level directors and got 250k nuyen and forced the head principal and CEO to retire. Word on the street is, that Draco might have something to do with his acquittal.

Washington collects arts and single malt Scottish whisky. He loves going to upper class dinners and exquisite ordeals where he can shine in the presence of the wealthy and powerful – even though they seem a little slow witted sometimes. He has a huge network with the prime people of Seattle.

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