[Seattle] Terrorists Detained in Explosives Bust!

<<Knight-Errant Press Release 2075-08-07 1100 PST>>

On Tuesday evening, following weeks of patient investigation, a number of Eco terrorists were arrested while attempting to purchase over 60kg of explosives from an undercover KE officer. Believed to be members of the criminal Terra First! terrorist organization, they were attempting to purchase enough explosives to level a small building. Precinct Captain Theodore Hoftman wishes to make the following statement:

The general public was never in any danger; Lieutenant Rodney Seville and his brave, skilled and dedicated undercover team would never have risked the slightest possibility of explosives material actually falling into the hands of these vicious and dangerous individuals. By careful exploitation of criminal weakness and gullibility, we believe that we have captured the entire cell. Sleep more easily, Seattle; they’re going away for life.”

KE are currently in the process of re-examining previously unsolved cases to discover any additional acts of terror that this group may have committed. If you recognize any of the following people and can provide further light on their despicable activities, please contact your local Knight Errant precinct. Their trial has been fast-tracked and will begin Monday, expected to complete by Tuesday afternoon.

These terrorists were caught, but there may be others. Do you know someone who is acting strangely? Are any of your friends and acquaintances no longer working as hard, or suddenly becoming suspiciously radical in their expressed political beliefs? Consider notifying Knight Errant; it’s a dangerous world out there. Help us to keep it safe.

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