Congressman James Grey

james-grey-picCongressman Grey is one of Governor Brachaven’s strongest supporters in the state senate, and votes with him on almost every  issue. Last election they even held fundraisers together. Congressman Grey lives in a private apartment with his wife and eleven-year old daughter. The security in the Bellevue apartment complex is top of the line. His security detail drops him at the door each evening and meets him there the next morning on most occasions. He has a government issued Mitsubishi Nightsky with a personal driver. The driver, John Altenburg, has been with him for the past three years.

The congressman also has a mistress in Auburn. She and the congressman have been seeing each other two or three times a week for the last few months. The congressman tells his wife he has business that will take him all night. His driver takes him to Auburnand drops him off. His security detail may or may not know about these meetings. Often he stays overnight or into the next day.

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