NPC: Dr. Michael Dunn

Michael DunnAge: 54

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Occupation: Ares special forces, Medical doctor (md) surgeon, Awakened,

Specialty: Spirit magic, exorcism, Magical healing

Place of living: Chicago

Married status: Married, two children (5 and 10 age)

Established in 2060, the award winning magical surgery practice of Michael Dunn, provides the complete experience by combining excellent surgical results with personalized care. With a specialty of fighting insect’s spirits, cleaning and cleansing rituals as well as curing infected patients, Mr Dunn is an important part of the Chicago community

A native of Northbrook, Illinois, Dr. Dunn is a Board Certified Surgeon. Dr. Dunn returned to his home town of Chicago in 2055 after years of training in the Midwest and South. Dr Dunn is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a member of the UCAS Society of Magical healing and the highly selective UCAS Society of research into Insect spirits. His academic accomplishments, which include multiple peer reviewed journal article publications and national conference presentations, and his love of teaching and mentoring led him to seek out an academic appointment with the University of Chicago division of Magical surgery as a clinical professor.

Dr. Dunns ability and dedication to clean Chicago of the Insects spirits is regarded as one of the most influential achievements since the wall came up, and his dedication is an inspiration to the entire city.

Since 2065 Dr. Dunn has been employed by Ares Technology as a special forces operative with the rank of senior vice president. He is supposed to lead the contract negotiations with the city of Chicago regarding the security, police and military engagement.

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