NPC: Cory Monroosen

Cory Monroe

Aliases: Silver
Real Name: Cory Monroosen
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: Italien American
Ethnicity: Mediterranean
Hair: Dark brown and silver streaks
Eyes: Brown
Awakened: REDACTED
Affiliations: Knight Errant
Meeting Place(s): Caffe Fiore, Downtown Seattle

Chicago, KE headquarter

Traits: Effeminate, direct, manipulative
Connection: 5

Cory Monroosen is a fastidiously-dressed, effeminate Italian man. He refuses to wear anything other than the best Italian clothing, and eats only the finest foods available. He also hates getting his hands dirty, literally and figuratively – but when it happens he is usually very quick, lethal and direct. He only recently moved to Seattle from Chicago, but his massive network, reputation and bluntness has already afforded him a rank among the most elite KE problem solvers in the city. For the moment his main location is in Chicago, but at least twice a month he travels to Seattle.

He appears to be in his early 30s, with dark brown hair and matching eyes. He wears a high end pair of glasses at all times, which presumably are modified to provide substantial visual augmentations. He has no visible cyberware, and a quick scan of his aura reveals nothing particularly special about him on the astral either.

He often wants to meet at Caffe Fiore in Downtown Seattle or a Chicago Coffee bar. “In Chicago they are all Shit though.!” The small cafe in Seattle has a reputation for providing some of the finest Italian espresso available. Despite only having room to seat eight people, the small cafe does a brisk business for those business people on the go. Cory has a standing reservation at one of the four tables in the place.

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