NPC: Badger

Kay - Badger NPCReal Name:     Kay Millano
Gender:     Female
Metatype:     Human
Nationality:     US
Hair:     White
Eyes:     Brown
Awakened:     Aspected Magician
Affiliations:     None – work occasionally with Quantum Princess, Chicago
Meeting Place(s):    Containment zone
Location:     Chicago
Traits:     Husler, Living in the moment, poor self control, Chaotic, charming

Connection: 3 (5 in Containment Zone); Loyalty: none
Specialties: Insect Spirits, magic, Fortune telling, CZ, Con games


There’re some people who’re easy going and roll with the punches. But Kay is the kind of person who makes a hurricane look organized. Living in the moment takes on a whole new meaning as Kay changes her mind so often on what she wants and what she is doing (sometimes changing in mid-sentence), people think she has some kind of hyper ADHD.

But what people don’t realize is that there’s a method to her madness. Kay is a hustler and uses her chaotic nature (and magic) to her advantage, keeping people off balance to get whatever she wants at the time. And even that can change by the minute. She’s not evil (or particularly good, for that matter), she simply is. What’s happening in the now is the most important thing to her.

Five years ago, Kay came to Chicago when her magic eight-ball said to. She entered the Containment zone and never left. She is working with people outside as a liaison, fixer, muscle, magician or whatever brings fun and excitement to her world.
Since entering the CZ she’s ran every petty scheme and con-job known to metahumanity. And when she’s not running a scam (though she’s pretty much always running a scam), she’s partying and experiencing any and everything she can. Eventually, she knows that either she’ll run out of things to do and move on, or fall over dead. Whichever comes first—it doesn’t really matter to her.

She hates Insect spirits and is wanted by the Shamanic community within the CZ dead or very dead.

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