NPC: Eddy McLain, Shark Lawyer

crooked lawyerType: Human, Shark Layer

Connection: 4

Loyalty: –

Specialties: Criminal law, Police work, Knight Errant history/politics, persuasion, reduce charges, judicial information

Quote: You want a criminal lawyer or a criminal-Lawyer – I can be both.


A cheap-suit, a passing grade on the BAR exam, and a friendly smile can take a man in plenty of directions, but for Eddy McLain, this led to him ending up as sort of a local go-to for shadier types who have gotten in trouble, and have just the right amount of cash to hire someone decently competent at their job to represent him in the court of law. Sure, he isn’t the most honest of lawyers, or the most knowledgeable, but he has connections, and he’ll guarantee your freedom or (most of) your money back!

Despite his quality education, McLain is a slightly above average lawyer at best. He actively scans the matrix for clues on new clients and knows several people in the justice system, who will tip him off. He is known to bend the law and sometimes bribe or threaten witnesses in order to win the case.

McLain himself lives in a nice condo in the Bellevue area, but he only uses it to sleep and relax when his hangover gets to him. He is always wearing a cheap suit, smells of cologne and smokes all the time. He is often seen taking a sip of his small bottle of whiskey and have one gold tooth that shines very much, when he smiles his crooked smile. He wears dark sunglasses and have black oily hair. He has a love for all kind of sports, and might have a gambling problem.

McLain may look like a fraud case gone wrong, but he knows people all over, knows every loophole in the law and can sweet-talk every clerk or PA into releasing information. McLain seems to be on a first name basis with a distressing amount of people in the Courthouse, City Hall, Knight Errant, and even Lone Star. He is more than happy to help the runners get some juicy gossip, contacts, or even in to these buildings. For a price. He is known to sell information as well as making a career out of getting criminals of the hook. For that he has many enemies at KE, but his winning personality will often get him through tight situations. For the right amount of money, he will fight to the death for his clients, but is also known to turn down work, when the case seems lost before court.

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