NPC: Valerie Vickson (Scarlett Pleasure)

readhead stripperType: Human, high class call girl

Connection: 4

Loyalty: 3 towards Luke – other in the group 1.

Specialties: High class social behaviour, stripping, rumours on corporate level, Seduction


Valerie Vickson had spent her entire life as a bright, privileged rich-kid, but her innocence came to an end three days after her 16th birthday when two schoolmates walked into her private school with automatic weapons and opened fire. Valerie herself was wounded and 16 schoolmates were gunned down before the school security team neutralized the threat. She still wakes up screaming from nightmares about the event at least once a week. Valerie got a gene treatment after the accident, which among other beneficial attributes, received her red amazing hair and crystal green eyes.

Her parents decided to move to their Downtown apartment for her last year of High School and so that she could study her MBA at Seattle University. In their first few months living in the city she and her sister, a talented musician and dancer even at the age of 17, were adopted as associate members by the Seattle gifted Society for young people. Her sister lives in downtown still, and is a performer at the Seattle Auditorium (theatre). Although Valerie long-since moved out to her own residence she keeps a close contact to her sister.

It wasn’t until the middle of her second year at SCU that Valerie cracked up. Study pressures, performance anxiety and her earlier school-days trauma combined to send her into a nervous breakdown. She spent a month in intensive VR-immersion therapy at an research arcology in Hawaii before returning to school, only now her previously flighty and bitchy personality had changed to ice-cold with no regrets. She left her family and university before graduation, mainly to follow a Street Sam Samuel (Point) Barensen, she had a huge crush on. Here she learned the knowledge of the streets, self-defence and how to operate a handgun. 3 years after Samuel died in a gunfight in Redmond, and she was alone. Instead of asking her family for help, she used her wit and social skills in high class clubs, and fast moved on as a preferred type for the rich and famous. She has high class social skills, cunning and highly intelligent demeanour as well as a perfect body covered in tribal AR tattoos. They shift colour and shape according to an unknown pattern. The exact functionality besides looks is unknown.

Valerie has worked part time at Ticklers and as a freelance high class call girl in the last 2 years. She is 24 years old.


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