NPC: Don Ramsdell, Sector chief Knight Errant – Tacoma

Chief Don RamsdellDon Ramsdell

Male human Knight Errant Chief of Police – Tacoma

Connection: 4

Loyalty: –

Specialties: Police Procedures, Gang warfare, Crime prevention, Law

Don Ramsdell joined the Tacoma Knight Errant in June 2050 as a Patrol Officer and has advanced through the ranks of the department to his current position.  He has been the Police Chief since 2065 and is the longest standing Police Chief in department history. Chief Ramsdell served in each of three department bureaus and has also served as the commander of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) and the department’s Clandestine Laboratory Team.  Ramsdell has earned numerous commendations and departmental awards, to include Officer of the Year for the year 2060.

Don Ramsdell was in 2070 suspected to take bribes, but it was never proven. He is originally a local Tacoma kid, and often talks about loyalty to the neighbourhood as his most positive trait.

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