NPC: Ca’Tan

Ca’Tan (“sword” in Or’zet). He is the former boyfriend of Rebecca McCallister – Big Macs late daughter.

Ca’TanType: Male Orc Gang sergeant in The Skraacha

Connection: 3

Loyalty: 3 towards McCloud – other in the group 1.

Specialties: Orc underground, Gun smuggling, terrorists and illegal activities, gang wars and gang politics

Ca’Tan was raised in an authoritarian family that believed he would not survive the harsh realities of the world unless toughened at home. Predictably, he faced a great deal of racial discrimination and mocking at a young age, mostly at the hands of the humans that dominated his daily life. His growing bitterness and rage made him an easy recruit for a local street gang “The Skraacha”, that gave him a sense of fraternity he had never felt before. Out of loyalty to his gang, he promised to climb the ranks and defend the Orc underground against intruders and enemies foreign and within. Ca’Tan is an excellent marksman and can handle almost everybody with a knife and a spiked club.

Ca’Tan is an excellent judge of character and very charismatic. He can come off as patient and kind, resolved and angry, or anything else the situation calls for. Ca’Tan is hungry for power, believing that success in business or street fighting is the best measure of a man’s worth. He is very prideful, mindful of his image, but is easily to rage.

He is extremely loyal to friends and supporters of the Underground, but will take every action to avenge a deceit or to get back at the enemy.

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