NPC: Drax (Dwarf rigger)


Male dwarf rigger

Personality: eccentric, fair, and friendly

Connection: 3. Loyalty to group 2

Drax is a Dwarven freelance rigger with his hands in many pies. He has red wild hair suffering from too many electricity accidents and not enough washings and pale skin from not spending much time outside. He famous for his photographic memory and habit of looking really close at you the first time he meets you. Some people say it gives them goosebumps. He always drives his truck which is heavily modified and acts as an apartment. Some says Drax keep all his little drones in there and calls them names, because he perceives them as his kids. He is besides a rigger, also a knowledgeable electronic, gun and mechanical engineer.

He is in his forties and survived a brush with the Universal Brotherhood a few years ago and is paranoid about Insect Spirits. He loves a good night out and can consume an insanely amount of beer.

Places to meet: sleazy bars, strip joints or Seattle drone stadium.


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