NPC: Andrew Hroudi (street kid)

andrewAndrew Hroudi

Male Orc street kid

Connection: 2

Loyalty: 3 towards McCloud – other in the group 2.

Specialties: smugglers, Orc underground, BTL chips and illegal activities

The boy is Andrew, a 17 year old orc orphan who survives off the scraps the local merchants give him and by occasionally earning a few nuyen acting as a guide to tourists.

Andrew is youthful, eager, easily excited, but very knowledgeable about the Underground. His parents were both chipheads, and when he was 5, they went on a reality-bender and never came out, eventually starving to death. If he’s asked about them, Andrew will tell the runners this in a very matter of fact way, though his voice will have a hint of sadness.

He’s seen a lot of bad things in the Underground, so while he misses his parents, to him it’s just something that happens. He sometimes tell strangers that he is a student of higher education, but it is more as a way to get to know people because it is not true. The only education Andrew has is on the streets – the hard way.

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