NPC: Billy “The Kid” Kidman (Street Doc)

stret docBilly “The Kid” Kidman
Type:Street Doc
Use: Emergency Medical Attention and Implantation Surgery
Loyalty: 3 towards Luke

Specialties:Augment Implantation and Repair, Trauma Surgery

Location: Tacoma, Seattle

Notes: CAS Human – Implant Surgeon/Street Doc

Billy is a cyber implant surgeon that operates out of “The Wounded Duck Trauma”, a small clinic in West Tacoma near the docks. Billy is an ace at implanting and can even patch up wounds fairly well and is known to offer extremely competitive prices. He also sells medical equipment and gear to those runners who are smart enough to ask for it.

Billy lives two blocks down from the clinic, and while he isn’t always happy about it, any runners who have his number will get serviced in the back room after hours with just one phone call. He has three nurses that are also on the “extracurricular” team and help out with the emergency situations, but you can expect to pay premium rates for such treatment.

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